Offering comprehensive self defence classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults, Conduit Martial Arts teaches the traditional art of Hapkido.  Hapkido is renowned for being straight to the point, effective self defence.

"We just want to thank Nick for introducing our son to Hapkido.  Before he started training he would come home from school and just sit inside the house, not wanting to do anything, or go anywhere.. These classes have given him some confidence back and he is finally starting to come out of the shell that he had locked himself in, and now he hangs out for classes."













NICHOLAS CONDUIT | Master International Instructor | 6th Dan Hakido, 6th Dan Tukkong Moosool, 7th Dan Hosinsul, 7th Dan World Kukmuwon | Owner, Conduit Martial Arts |
| Director, World Kukmuwon Federation | Location, Northern Rivers , NSW, AUS
Master Conduit has been training in Hapkido since 1999 in Australia, Korea and America.  He began teaching Hapkido to kids, teens and adults in 2010, and loves passing on his knowledge to others.  Master Conduit is committed to his students and helping people develop to be the best version of themselves. 

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GARY BAYLOR | Master Instructor | 4th Dan Hapkido | Owner, Family Martial Arts & Fitness |
| Location, Cheshire, CT, USA

Master Baylor training in Martial Arts since 1977 earned his 4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido with Conduit Martial Arts and also holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  For Master Baylor, Martial arts is much more than a form of self-defence, it is the development of self-esteem and respect for others.

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JONATHON BAYLOR | Master Instructor | 4th Dan Hapkido | Owner, Family Martial Arts & Fitness |
| Location, Cheshire, CT, USA

Jonathon has been training in Martial Arts since he was 5, and in Hapkido since he was 13.  He holds a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and earned his personal training certification through the AFAA and received his Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science & Wellness.


JOHN KORONUI | Instructor | 3rd Dan Hapkido | Owner, JK Hapkido | Locaion, Alstonville, NSW, AUS

Mr Koronui teaches from JK Hapkido in Alstonville, NSW, and has been training in Hapkido since 2004.  Training under Master Conduit since 2010, Mr Koronui earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt and has become an outstanding Instructor for kids and adults in and around the New South Wales north coast.

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BRYAN HAMM | Chief Instructor | 3rd Dan Hapkido, 1st Dan Hosinsul | Owner, North Texas Hapkido | Plano, TX, USA

Mr Hamm is the Chief Instructor of a select group of highly ranked students training in Hapkido in Northern Plano, Texas.  Mr Hamm is a dedicated and committed Martial Artist, working closely with other Black Belts in the North Texas Hapkido dojang to learn all they can about the art they love.


CAROLYN THOMAS | Assistant Instructor | 3rd Dan Hapkido | Conduit Martial Arts | Melb, VIC, AUS

Carolyn began training in Hapkido in 2012 and quickly became one of Master Conduit's most dedicated students.  Attending almost every class each week, Carolyn is a highly respected Instructor and has a reputation for her knowledge, teaching and precise execution of techniques.


GABRIEL CONDUIT | Junior Assistant Instructor | 1st Dan Hapkido and 1st Dan Hosinsul | Conduit Martial Arts | Northern Rivers, NSW, AUS

Gabriel has been training under Master Conduit since he was five years old.  The oldest of Master Conduit's three children, Gabriel enjoys assisting Master Conduit with the Children's classes and being a mentor to younger students.  He tested for his 1st Dan Black Belt when he turned 16. 



0402 232 717  |  conduithapkido@bigpond.com

Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

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