"Master Conduit is so good with the kids! <Name> just loves him to bits."


​"Just wanted to thank you both for being so supportive.  I adore the family atmosphere in the classes and the kindness we have receieved."

"Wow, what a triumph!  The thought of providing our daughter with self defence lessons was something we always considered, and after the first month of our *name witheld* being too cautious to get involved, we didn’t think she would ever overcome her shyness...NOW, she wishes Hapkido was on EVERY day!  Since persevering with the lessons, the transformation from being a shy, tentative little girl to a courageous, determined, happy, focused young lady is inspirational. The ‘Star of the Month’ award really impressed and lifted her.  She takes her Hapkido very seriously.  I cannot thank the team at Conduit Hapkido enough for having continued faith in our daughter, Nick is wonderfully firm but kind to all who attend.  His gorgeous family, along with the other parents, are just so welcoming to new comers."

"I can't believe it.  Before Hapkido *name witheld* couldn't sit still or focus.  Now, he can concentrate and he can focus on something for more than a second!  He loves Hapkido so much, and it's great to see him doing something for himself instead of following his brother."

"We just want to thank Nick for introducing *name witheld* to Hapkido.  Before he started training he would come home from school and just sit inside the house, not wanting to do anything, or go anywhere.. These classes have given him some confidence back and he is finally starting to come out of the shell that he had locked himself in, and now he hangs out for Mondays and Wednesdays."

The Mediocre Teacher "TELLS", The Good Teacher "EXPLAINS", The Superior Teacher "DEMONSTRATES" but the Great Teacher "INSPIRES". - William Arthur Ward.    This quote was posted to our Facebook wall as a tribute to our Instructor, Master Nicholas Conduit, along with the following words:  "The above quote is very true of Master Conduit.  I think TRUE Martial Arts is a different journey and experience for everyone.  People do it for all kinds of reasons, and everyone is very different.  WE have a Teacher who is able to adapt, hear, accomodate, laugh, cry and most of all have fun with his students, makes EVERY CLASS of the Martial Arts journey something special.  For this, Master Conduit, I THANK YOU..."

"The school very much has a "family" feel - both in the kids and the adults classes. And that is just one of the things I love about the school - to know that my kids and I are part of a close-knit family that actually cares about each other, rather than just being a number on the mats. Thankyou for creating, and maintaining, that atmosphere."

​​"Being part of family, clan, group, club or whatever you choose to call it is what Conduit Hapkido offers for everyone who is involved. No matter if you are a parent of a child who participates or if your a student yourself, you'll feel right at home here. I've have been doing martial arts since I was 10 yrs. old, off and on and the decision to join Conduit Hapkido has been one of the best choices of my life. The traditional Hapkido techniques that you learn stem from a history of Hapkido Masters that have dedicated themselves to the art, which their teachings are perpetuated through Master Conduit and ultimately unto you.
Our kids have been students for a little over a year now and they have learnt a great deal about Hapkido as well as themselves. They have learnt to be patient, disciplined, respectful, courteous & caring towards people in their lives which are all virtues of being a kindred student. Being physically active for children is most important as it teachers them healthy life skills which they can embody.

Hapkido for life....... Hapkido is life :)"