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Our Instructors are highly experienced martial artists with a thorough knowledge of our complete syllabus from White to Black belt.  Instructors at Conduit Martial Arts have the ability to teach a class of students with varying abilities and experience. 

As such, you will find that all Adult Classes are mixed ability classes, and only a select number of Children's Classes are for more advanced students.

Conduit Martial Arts has been hosting martial arts seminars since 2010 in and around Melbourne, Australia and in the United States of America.  With over twenty five years of experience, Master Nicholas Conduit's seminars combine the knowledge and understanding of authentic Korean martial arts Hapkido, Hosinsul and Tukkong Moosool.

The most popular series of seminars we have conducted is the TRI Martial Arts Seminars inviting three Instructors from three different systems of martial arts to teach for two hours each, in a full-day seminar.  We have been fortunate to have hosted

  • Grandmaster Young-Jin Hwang, (Kido Hwe, World Kukmuwon Federation)

  • Grandmaster Julian Lim (Sungmookwan, Tukkong Moosool and Hosinsul)

  • Grandmaster Nigel May (Choson Martial Arts)

  • Master Roy Ng (Life Craft Asia)

  • Master Youngseol Ryoo (Martial Arts College International) 

  • Kancho Terry Lim  (Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts Academy)

  • Sensei Garry Kewish (Kaizen Martial Arts Academy)

  • Sensei Christian Oakley (Martial Journey)

  • Sensei Mal McRae (Ki Fusion Aikido)

  • Sensei Ron Rammage (Anshin Ryu Ju Jitsu)

  • Sensei Darren Ball (Yamagawa Budo)

  • Richardo Vargas (Jeet Kun Do Academy)

See a calendar of upcoming seminars below.  If you would like to participate please email us at 


Sunday 19 September, 2021
Authentic Korean Martial Arts Seminar, Melbourne
Held at Conduit Martial Arts in south-west Melbourne, the latest in the Authentic Korean Martial Arts Seminar series hosted highly qualified instructors from Hosinsul, Hapkido, Tae'Kyon, and Tukkong Moosool in a full-day seminar packed with 6 hours of solid training in Korean Martial Arts.

Instructors included:

  • Hayden Stringer (1st Dan Hapkido/2nd Dan Hosinsul)

  • Carolyn Thomas (3rd Dan Hapkido)

  • Jonno Pittock (4th Dan Tae'Kyon, 2nd Dan Hosinsul)

  • Master Nicholas Conduit (7th Dan World Kukmusul, 6th Dan Hapkido, 6th Dan Hosinsul, 7th Dan Tukkong Moosool, Director World Kukmuwon)

Students enjoyed 90 minutes with each instructor, wrapping up at 5pm that evening.

Lunch provided.

Members $90
Non-Members $110

Participant place will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and registration form emailed to