Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic across the world has been one of the most difficult tasks for families, schools, governments and businesses in recent history. We are not fighting the enemy in far off trenches and in distant countries, calling for patriotism and courage. We are fighting an invisible virus that is sweeping the globe, striking down the young, healthy, infirm and elderly.

We were personally affected when we received the devastating news on Thursday 25 March that our Hapkido dojang would need to close for the foreseeable future due to restrictions imposed by local governments to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Trust me when we say, closing the doors that week was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do, and it's killing us that we can't train with you all. We looked into all of the different ways we might be able to conduct our classes, however there just doesn't seem to be a way at the moment.

The next task, has been to stay focused and keeping active so we don't go insane!! We have been very busy filming and editing videos, as we are still allowed to head in to the dojang to work, despite not being able to conduct actual classes. Videos will include the Hapkido warm up, kicks, rolls, an advanced tutorial on how to break fall, sword cuts, sword forms and much more.

We are providing some basic videos for our wider Hapkido community to enjoy and for those members of our school who wish to continue their learning and tuition videos will be made available on WhiteBelt.

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