International Korean Martial Arts Seminar

It was really hard to just pick a couple of photos from the International, Authentic Korean Martial Arts Seminar we hosted in November 2019. Where to begin? From the moment we were approached to host this seminar, we were beyond excited to train and network with this incredible bunch of martial artists, and masters. Taking a three-day seminar and turning it into a Hosinsul, Hapkido and Tukkong Moosool Master Class was the genius of Grandmaster Julian Lim (Sungmookwan) and Master Roy Ng (Life Craft Asia). We would not have pulled this off without their expertise, organisational experience and knowledge of Korean Martial Arts.

It was an absolute priviledge to meet and train with Master Adrian StCyrien, with my long-time friend and mentor Grandmaster Nigel May and particularly honoured to have Grandmaster Young Jin Hwang and his wife join us for the seminar and to tour around Melbourne.

With seminar Masters and students travelling from almost every state in Australia, as well as Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Korea we had a terrific time learning, refining, growing and developing in our craft.

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