Honey! I'm home!!!

Have you ever walked into a house or a venue and just felt like it was home?

That's what we felt when we walked in the door at 5/85 Triholm Avenue, Laverton only a few short weeks ago.

After the Victorian State Government Restrictions forced businesses to close all across the state we prepared for the worst, we hunkered down and got ready for a long period of business restrictions. During that time, as you will know, many businesses including ours were forced to hand back the keys with the hope of opening again one day soon.

For us, this day is Monday 30 November! We are so excited to be able to say that we worked hard during the government restrictions to stay positive, to keep our eyes focused on what really matters, and never lose sight of what our goal is. To teach Hapkido!

We would love you to see everyone return to training, get back into a comfortable level of fitness before Christmas and get back to being falling fit.

We are offering all new students two free trial classes to come along and try Hapkido; to see if we are the right fit for you.

We wouldn't have been able to get this new home ready if it wasn't for the incredible generosity of Carolyn, Dave, Stu, Paul, Joey, Veronica, Matt and our three beautiful children Gabriel, Sasha and Lucia. These people have given their time in helping paint, move, build and fit out our new Hapkido dojang. For some, a dojang is just a place to train but for us and our hapkido community it is home.

Come on in, the door's open!

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