CMA Forced Closure

And so it is, with heavy hearts, we say goodbye to the dojang that we have known and loved for almost 12 years.

Victorian State Government mandates requiring businesses to refuse entry to unvaccinated patrons, instructors and business owners force people like us to discriminate against those who wish to make personal medical choices based on their own medical history with objective and unbiased guidance from their GP. Unfortunately, current APHRA restrictions along with Public Health Orders mean that we cannot receive objective and unbiased guidance from our GP's and we are told that we must turn people away if they have chosen not to receive the covid vaccine.

Rather than comply with such mandates requiring us to turn away good people wishing to be empowered with martial arts, we choose to make our own protest and have closed our business in Victoria.

We know that our response to such mandates will not be understood by all; we only ask that people continue to be kind to one another, be accepting of other's position and beliefs, be respectful toward those whose opinions differ from yours and remember that once the state of emergency is over, the pandemic is long forgotten and our way of life returns it will be the people in our community that will matter most. Treat them well.

We continue to expect that all people continue the expectations of tolerance, honour, morals and ethics that we strongly uphold on the hapkido mats.

Our family is making a big move to Northern NSW, to be closer to family and seek a lifestyle that aligns with our alternative medical beliefs, our spiritual growth and our need for some good solid earth under our feet. We wish you all well; continue training and growing and striving to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.


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