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Master Conduit with Sensei Steven Seagal in February 2019


Master Conduit with Grandmaster May, Grandmaster Hwang and Grandmaster Lim in November 2019


Master Conduit with Grandmaster Hwang (World Kukmuwon Federation, Kido-Hwe Federation) in November 2019


Master Conduit with Master Chang and Master Ibbotson in 2009


Master Conduit teaching at his first dojang in southwest Melbourne in 2010


Master Conduit with Master Roser during the American Seminar in 2012

Master Nicholas Conduit
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Master Nicholas Conduit began training in Martial Arts in 1994 first in Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwon-Do before moving solely in Hapkido in 1999 training under the guidance of Master Jason Ibbotson.


Master Conduit trained at the Ballarat Hapkido Centre for ten years, receiving his 2nd Dan Black belt under the instruction of Master Ibbotson.  

In 2002 Master Conduit participated in a seminar held by Master Lee Jeong Seo in Ballarat, Australia. 

In 2009 Master Conduit travelled to South Korea with Master Jason Ibbotson to train with Master Chang, Young Sil.  Through Master Conduit's training with Master Chang, he developed a lasting relationship and forged many friendships with like minded Hapkido students in Korea.  Spending time in Korea heightened Master Conduit's passion for Hapkido and instilled a renewed resolve to keep Hapkido in its pure form. 


In November 2009 the opportunity to move with his family to southwest Melbourne and open a Hapkido school was presented, and Conduit Hapkido Centre was born on 2 February 2010.

Over the years, the dojang has lived through a series of transformations Conduit Hapkido Centre was renamed to Conduit Martial Arts Centre, and then finally Conduit Martial Arts.

During the first year of Master Conduit's Melbourne dojang, he began corresponding  with Master Gottfried Roser (formerly known as Jeffrey Allen).  Master Conduit supported Master Roser as the International Hapkiyoosool Federation was developed.

​In September, 2010 Master Roser flew to Australia for the first Australian Hapkido Seminar held at Conduit Martial Arts Centre.  This was a fantastic opportunity to bridge the gap between American and Australian Hapkido schools; and share some of Master Roser's extensive knowledge of Hapkido.  In 2010 Master Conduit accepted an invitation to join the IHF under Master Roser. 


In May 2012 Master Conduit was asked to travel to the United States to co-Instruct an International Seminar with Master Roser.  During this time, Master Conduit was promoted to the rank of "Master" and obtained his "International Instructor's Certificate."  


​In December 2016 Conduit Martial Arts Centre moved from Elm Park Drive in Hoppers Crossing, to its current location in Motto Court and have doubled the training space.  Now offering 10 classes a week for children, and 8 classes a week for adults our fees are family-friendly and our classes are flexible.  All students take advantage of an unlimited number of classes to train each week, allowing for students to set their own standard of progress.

In February 2019, Master Conduit was honoured to attend an exclusive seminar in Melbourne, hosted by Sensei Steven Seagal.  Sensei Seagal is known for his incredibly popular action movies (Hard to Kill, Under Siege, Above the Law, Out for Justice etc)  in the 90's and became a Hollywood star known for his martial arts skills.  Sensei Seagal was highly impressed with Master Conduit's skill and ability to execute accurate techniques, saying to Master Conduit "Finally! Someone who knows what they're doing!" 

In November 2019, Master Conduit was honoured to host the largest Australian Authentic Korean Martial Arts Seminar, with LifeCraft Asia and Sungmookwan.  Bringing Instructors from Malaysia, United Kingdom and Korea the seminar provided participants with three days of growth and refinement of Hosinsul, Hapkido and Tukkong Moosool.  During this Seminar, Master Conduit was awareded the title of Director of the World Kukmuwon Federation (National Institute (or Center) for Korean Martial Arts), under Grandmaster Young Jin Hwang, Secretary General and Head of Technical of the KiDo Hwe.

In our years of running a successful Hapkido school, it has served us well to never forget our core values: Respect + Self-Discipline + Perseverance + Focus + Confidence + Grit + Safety + Leadership + Integrity. 


International Instructor Certification

Certified Master

6th Dan Black Belt, Hapkido

6th Dan Black Belt, Tukkong Moosool

Director, World Kukmuwon Federation

Certified Instructor, Tukkong Moosool

Certificate IV Workplace Training

Working with Children Check

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Master Conduit with Black Belt students, (image left) Sasha, Tyson, Olyvia and Desmond in 2018 (image right) John, Carolyn, Yee Suan and Matt in 2019