Frequently asked questions

My child is starting Prep this year, can they join your School?

We accept students only once they turn 6. After speaking with Teachers in the Early Years of Primary Schools they believe it is good for a child to spend the first term of school focusing only on school and join after-school activities in Term 2.

How often do students progress through the belts?

We offer a flexible timetable and students can attend as many or as few classes as they like with no difference in the training fee. Due to this some students may progress faster than others due to participating in a greater number of classes. Each belt has a set expectation of the number of classes a student attends before they are eligible to test for their next belt colour; in understanding this we also allow students to take longer if they need the extra time to practice and understand their Hapkido techniques. Ultimately we would expect a student to progress from White to Black belt in approximately 1000 hours of training.

I have experience in another style of Martial Art, will my rank transfer?

Every Martial Art governs a slightly different rank structure and you may find that the colour belt you wear is different to our School. Students who have attained rank in Hapkido or Aikido may be assessed under our syllabus as to where their experience fits within the expectations of Conduit Martial Arts. This may result in a different coloured belt when you decide to join our School. Students studying other forms of Martial Arts are unlikely to be able to be assessed as the style is too dissimilar to Hapkido. Student with previous martial arts experience may understand basic techniques faster than students with no martial arts experience, although this is not necessary to learn Hapkido.

Do you have any classes on the weekend?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that the weekends may be a more convenient time for extracurricular activities, however we made a commitment to our children years ago that we would save the weekends for time spent with our family. During School Holidays we operate a lighter timetable. Click on Classes to view more information

How much discipline is involved in the classes?

Children's Classes have a great mix of traditional martial art teaching, and martial-based games to encourage kids to learn through play.

What age can I join the Adult's Classes?

We begin transitioning our Children into the Adult's Classes at 12.5yrs, slowly introducing them into the structure of the Adult's Classes. New students are welcome to join the Adult's Classes once they turn 13. There is no age limit for Adult students in our School, we welcome Adult's of all ages and abilities,

How much does it cost to train at your School?

We require all members to pay an annual Membership & Insurance fee, providing students with compulsory sports personal accident insurance. This fee varies, and is calculated on when you join through the year. Membership & Insurance is renewed every January. Students have the option of casual training, twice a week and unlimited. Training fees are paid by direct debit and are paid in advance.

How many Classes can I attend?

All of our students can choose their level of commitment according, and may attend any number of classes within their training package. To see our timetable, view our Programs page

Do I need to enrol in Hapkido to learn Tukkong Moosool?

No, you can participate in Tukkong Moosool classes without learning or having experience in any other martial art. Tukkong Moosool classes are a military, combat style of Korean Self Defence with an emphasis on defence against weapons such as knife, gun, bat, bar etc., as well as defending against multiple attackers in a very quick, sharp and efficient method. Tukkong Moosool is not for the faint hearted, and we recommend participants call Master Nick Conduit on 0402232717 prior to trying this class.