Classes are available for children age from 6 yrs+ and Teens & Adults from age 13 Monday - Friday 

Open Children's Classes (age 6yrs+)

5pm - 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

When considering your young child for martial arts classes, we recommend Foundation/Prep students begin their martial art training in Term 2 of their first school year.  This provides young children the opportunity to settle into school life, learn classroom expectations and acceptable classroom behaviour.  In the first term at school, students learn to raise their hand to ask a question, to ask before leaving the class, and how to be a respectful member of a class.  Young children also experience a great deal of tiredness after school in the first term, and we look forward to them coming to Hapkido once they have completed their first term at school. 

Teens & Adult's Classes (age 13yrs+)

6:30 - 8:30pm Monday - Thursday (2x 1hr classes)

6pm - 7:30pm Friday - Tukkon Moosool, Close Quarters Civilian & Military Self Defence

Our Instructors are highly experienced martial artists with a thorough knowledge of our complete syllabus from White to Black belt.  Instructors at Conduit Martial Arts have the ability to teach a class of students with varying abilities and experience. All Instructors and Administrative staff hold a current Working With Children Check.

All classes are mixed age and ability classes.

Class Timetable
2021 Training Timetable.jpg

Classes at Conduit Martial Arts operate all through the year and only close on Public Holidays and over Christmas/New Years.

Closure dates are:

Monday 25 January & Tuesday 26 January - Australia Day Long Weekend

Monday 8 March - Labour Day

Friday 2 Apr - Good Friday

Monday 5 Apr - Easter Monday

Monday 14 Jun - Queen's B'day

Friday 24 Sep - AFL Parade

Monday 1 Nov - Melbourne Cup

Tuesday 2 Nov - Melbourne Cup

Tukkong Moosool

Available to all adult students at Conduit Martial Arts, as well as people from the age of 13+ wanting to undertake specialised self-defence training without the regular weekly commitment, Tukkong Moosool is civilian and military close-quarters self defence training.  

In Australia the majority of participants undertaking Tukkong Moosool classes is security personnel, Emergency Services personnel and Martial Artists looking to expand their repertoire.

TukKong MooSool can literately be translated from Korean as "Special Attack Military Techniques". The following data has been obtained from the official Korea World TukKong Association (KWTA).

TukKong Moo Sool is a very focused modern martial arts discipline created during the cold war in South Korea. South Korea's national sport of TaeKwonDo, while still compulsory for all military conscripts, was felt to be transforming more into a sport and not as useful in practical military or defensive situations.  Hapkido was chosen to fill this need for the Korean Special Forces (SF) and Special Operations Forces (SOF).

In time, it was felt that an even more efficient system was needed for the SF and Presidential Protection Services (Secret Service), a system that could be taught quickly and efficiently without the wholistic lifestyle of Hapkido. In 1978, President Park Jung Hee ordered the creation of a new martial art form that was to be superior in efficiency to all other civilian and quasi-military derived self defence systems. The founding special operators were to be Masters of Korean and other Martial Arts systems. From the efforts of these masters, the comprehensive combat system "TukKong" was born.

Certification Opportunity and Training is available to Black Belt participants.  Please contact Master Conduit for a confidential Interveiw.

Master Conduit represents Tukkong Moosool under the direction of Master May (Choson Martial Arts) and Grandmaster Lim (Sungmookwan) LTC Alif Aiman Abdullah (retired Leftenant Colonel Malaysian Army).  Tukkong Moosool Classes operate every Friday, beginning with a self-guided warm up at 6pm and the official opening of class at 6:30 until 7:30pm.  Participants are to bring a drink bottle and wear plain clothes; t-shirt and sweat pants or military cargo pants.  No shoes are to be worn on the mats.  Participants wishing to participate in casual classes without a weekly commitment may contact Master Conduit for more information.

Black Belt Sessions

Black Belt Sessions are premiering in 2021 for students holding a 2nd Brown belt & Black Belt.

These sessions will specialise in black belt application of technique and provide students preparing for black belt with specialist instruction as they get ready for their black belt grading.

Held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, these sessions will run from 10am - 1pm and will cost students $40 per session.

Open to all CMA students, and students affiliated with Choson, Sungmookwan, World Kukmuwon, International Hosinsul Federation, Korea World Tukkong Association, and Kido Hae.

Black Belt Session students are not eligible for free trials.

black belt sessions.jpg